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Adam Kovacs

Adam Kovacs

Founder & CEO

The Talent Foundation

About Adam:
His journey from a self-taught sourcer to a talent intelligence analyst and program manager has led him to pivotal roles across various countries, including shaping the talent strategy at Amazon and AWS. Today, Adam is the Founder and CEO of The Talent Foundation and a recognized leader in talent-acquisition strategy and innovation.

Professional Highlights:

  • - Founder and CEO of The Talent Foundation: Adam helps Fortune 1000 companies develop transformative talent growth strategies by blending data, talent intelligence, and market analytics.
  • - Talent Acquisition Trailblazer: From training over 950 recruiters, establishing Amazon EMEA's first Centralized Sourcing Team, and pioneering the AWS Talent Intelligence Program, his career is defined by driving change and building impactful solutions.
  • - Speaker and trainer: A recognized speaker at international conferences and events like Talent42, ERE, Sourcing Summit, AI4Talent, and HRTX. Adam shares his insights on AI-enabled recruitment, data-driven strategies, and talent intelligence.
  • - Community Builder: As an Executive Director and co-founder of the relaunched Sourcing7 non-profit organization,  Adam is dedicated to shaping the future of the recruitment industry. He aims to enable and help raise the next generation of talent acquisition leaders and practitioners.

Impact and Expertise:

  • - Data-Driven Talent Strategies: Leveraging data, talent intelligence, and market analytics to devise transformative growth strategies.
  • - Sector-Specific Insights: Providing an in-depth understanding of trends and patterns in various global markets.
  • - Upskilling and Training: Skilled in elevating teams with the latest techniques in talent acquisition and sourcing.

Engage with Adam:
Are you looking to redefine your talent acquisition approach or need sector-specific insights? Elevate your recruitment strategy with expert insights and tailored solutions.

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